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COVID-19 Safety Assessments

SafeGuard provides an independent third-party review, helping school communities make the complex choices needed to provide their students with the best possible education experience. No one was prepared for the closure of schools, but that doesn't mean we can't be prepared when we return. Schools have more than enough to deal with while trying to keep up with federal, State and local requirements as mandates have been updated and released for the reopening of schools. SafeGuard Systems' trained professionals will work with your District or school to identify and address health and safety challenges before reopening. 


    School Safety, Security, & Vulnerability Assessments  

    These assessments are focused on a particular school's susceptibility to threats or hazards and how these risks can be mitigated.

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      Creating the School Emergency Operations Plan 

      The Emergency operations Plan (EOP) is the foundation with which your emergency management program is built. 

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        Natural Surveillance & Natural Access 

        Designing landscaping and lighting can improve a school's ability to observe what is happening both on their property and exterior perimeter. By using a combination of design features such as walkways, structural planters, signage, fencing, lighting and placement of entrances and exits, you can guide visitors while on campus. 

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