Minimizing Your School District's Exposure To Liability With SafeGuard's PreFense Shade

The PreFense Shade is Patent Pending

It is important to cover classroom door windows when a Lockdown or Shelter In-Place has been activated. However, it is best NOT to cover them as a standard practice during normal day-to-day school operations. School districts around the country have been liable due to classroom door windows being covered by paper or reflective window film on a daily basis. This practice only leaves schools vulnerable to possible accusations or lawsuits. 


​Our PreFense Shade is designed to attach above classroom door windows in a rolled up position. In the case of a lockdown or shelter in place, the PreFense shade can be dropped and attached at the bottom of the window, covering it completely. It also comes with a list of lockdown procedures for staff and student reference as it is easy to forget things in an actual emergency. They come in a standard white or black color but can be custom made to best suit your facilities. 

Protecting What Is Most Important