CS Tips 

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SafeGuard is pleased to deliver a dynamic web solution for your anonymous tip program. CS Tips is our mobile-based platform of securely, verifiably, but anonymously collecting and analyzing crime-related information in U.S. urban areas for Crime Stoppers Programs. The highly customizable platform features a CMS tool that allows clients to go live with their own website to link with the tip app and 'tipsters'. The features built into the 2021 platform focused on system security, flexibility, and price efficiency. 

SafeGuard Systems has developed 4 key components for our CS Tips tip management solution: 

CS Analytics

CS Admin


Is the platform which analyzes and creates reports based on your tips; another version integrates all of the CS Tips accounts worldwide and allows for analysis of the collected and categorized tips by LEO's.

Is your platform user admin tool.  Here you can set the permissions and capabilities of your team.

A user friendly website/app creation tool used by local Crime Stoppers programs to create their unique tipster websites.

CS Tips

Is the free tip reporting app citizens can download from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. It also includes 24 hr counseling resources for tipsters to utilize at their finger tips.