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Transnational Crime Initiative (TCI)

Is similar to our CS Tips platform, only it was built with in-language capabilities in partnership with Crime Stoppers Global Solutions (CSGS). 

To develop a safe and secure technology that can be adapted to any language and culture, CSGS partnered with us. Together, we developed a first of its kind end-to-end encrypted Transnational Crime App (TCI). With this super-secure App, citizens can report crimes anonymously without the fear of retribution. The App can be adapted to any language, cultural nuance, privacy, and local public safety requirements. Their anonymous tips go directly to trusted law enforcement in real-time through the App.

We are honored to be able to step up and volunteer our resources to develop this App for Crime Stoppers Global Solutions.  As a company that has been involved with school safety and protecting children for decades, it was a simple decision for us because we know the technology will work and that we may be able to help save lives. If traffickers are using tech platforms to recruit and exploit children, then we will help develop platforms to save them.

CSGS has been working in Serbia and across the region known as the "Balkan Route" for its initial international launch of the TCI App.