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Patent Pending 

An All-Encompassing System, Accelerating Data for 
Emergency Response

Customizable UI to Meet the Needs of Your Organization
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Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 11.42.46
Going Beyond Gps, SafeGuard OES Offers Precise Location Services Indoors or Out

AWS Cloud Security

All-in-one security of information over AWS.

Versatility in Application

Our System has the ability to adapt or be adapted in any security integration.

Data  Acceleration for Emergency Response

We go beyond just geolacation data to accelerate emergency response.

We Create a Safety Network 

Offering exclusive resources to improve the safety of your organization.

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Quality solutions for complex problems when every second counts. Going beyond GPS, SafeGuard OES uses a series of wireless signals to pinpoint your location when help is needed. It provides map and video links for 911 dispatch or your onsite security, and offers precise location services indoors or out. Installation is fast and easy, and in most cases, can be completed within a single day.


300 Mill.+

People in the United States 

37 Mill.+

Individuals with hearing/speech disabilities in the United States

Accelerating emergency data from individuals, organizations,  and communities to 1st responders.






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According to the National Organization on Disibility, over 37 million individuals struggle with hearing and speech disabilities, making it hard for them to communicate with first responders. The SafeGuard OES Emergency Response platform was built to help organizations and all individuals share accelerated data with first responders. We do this by the utilization of our panic buttons, and securely linking real-time data from their smart devices including home tablets to 911 dispatch. There's no limit to where SafeGuard OES can be used.